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I have been holding sacred space in my heart for over 25 years, and because of my spiritual focus, have not been able to meet another spiritual gay man that was able to match my vibrational frequency until a couple of weeks ago. He is a very loving kind gentle man from India, who was guided to your site a few weeks ago.

The site allows users of all sexual orientations including pansexual — Affinity Exchange doesn't appear to share Scientology's rumored prohibition against homosexuality. When I contacted Jill Crosby for comment, she explained,. The Conscious Dating Network is not affiliated with ANY church or any religion. A Scientologists, Marcia Powell markets that site. Powell is hosting a party for "Affinity Exchange singles and also [ The A. Club Deadspin Gizmodo Jalopnik Jezebel Kotaku Lifehacker Quartz The Root The Takeout The Onion The Inventory.

About Jezebel Store. By Anna North. CC Off English. A sassy blogger at Jezebel wrote about it yesterday. You can imagine how our ears perked up upon reading the headline: " Scientology's Online Dating Destination. Photos: Bizarre dating sites you didn't know existed. Although the site is not overtly "for Scientologists," its "spiritual" nature suggests that it could be.

Use our spiritual chat or IM system to make spiritual, conscious connections with other singles in your local area or from around the world. Their mission? Kidding - kind of. Users can also indicate on their profile their choice of worship. But no, he didn't succeed. For kicks, we browsed the site - they have that "it's okay to look" feature - hooray! We entered that we're "women looking for men between the ages of 25 to 50 near New York City. More than 20 pages of men who may or may not be Scientologists.

I mean, how can you even tell? We clicked on one profile - he's a year-old Indian man who lives in Jersey City, N. who describes himself as intelligent, holistic, passionate and - of course - spiritual. They seem to be happy to let him do whatever he likes as long as he goes to Church -- I think his father is a decon or some such. He has many friends who are not Scientologists other aspiring actors but it's true, most of his close friends and ALL of his immediate family including one grandparent are Scientologists.

He says this quite a lot. I have to finish reading the rest of xenu. net and the other links you kind folks have provided, I think, before I can ascertain what sort of Scientologist my boyfriend is. But talk about feeling your heart sink!

I'd actually entertained ideas of marrying this man. There's no way I'm ever joining the Church, and I don't see how he would or could ever leave it. I mean at this point it might even be dangerous for him to leave I don't mean CoS henchmen, rather, I mean his world would probably collapse.

I don't know what I can do but walk away. And that's going to be SO unbelievably difficult. thanks for writing I didn't know anything about Scientology until last night. I needed the sobering. But I'm so sad! And not just for myself but for my boyfriend, knowing pretty much for sure that he will spend his life in the church and will never know what it's like to think for himself or to not live in fear of thinking "wrong". I'm afraid for him: he's sensitive.

I'm afraid he'll go insane eventually. I know would. I don't know what I can do. Well, there isn't much I can do, is there? I'm outnumbered. I've only been in his life 4 months. His entire family is Scientologist. They would never let him leave.

I'll send an update in a week or so if anyone is interested : LB. It was a private conversation via email. Still remember that cute little kid on your websitedon't blush! The Church of Scientology however is not lovely. Many of them won't even have heard of Wollersheim. I think a better topic is psychiatry. On that you will get total unanimity. It's pretty amazing. Push will come to shove. Either you will be pressed to get into Scientology, or you are gonna have to send your paramour to www.

net to face the music. This kind of dichotomy is not likely to work out. Check the statistics. Best, Eldon. Best, Ebner Citizen Subject: Re: Dating A Scientologist: what to expect???

Path: lobby! not-for-mail Lines: 11 X-Admin: ne com From: marke com MarkEbner59 Newsgroups: alt. One of the things that most critics believe -- and I certainly believe -- is that the amount of information you've been exposed to would make it very difficult for you to be "sucked in" to the COS at this point.

Forwarned is forarmed as they say. If things play out as it's suggested they will, you'll see them coming a mile away. One of the more complicated questions has to do with how you portray this family as being happy and close, etc. Is it bad to be deluded but happy? And no, I'm not taking a stab at answering that. You mention he has lots of non Scn friends.

Is it possible he could have a non Scn girlfriend or wife? At some point you should broach that question directly if you are considering moving forward in your relationship with him. You said you had to figure out what kind of Scn he is. I think that's the right thing to do as they run the gamut, even if they may respond with a certain sameness to some things.

I think this is the biggest problem: Even if you can find a middle ground with him, the extensive family commitment to Scn would make it very difficult for you to not be "in" IMO. Most folks here would recommend you not get involved with Scientology. Some here would tell you to get the heck away from that guy now.

I don't think the odds are in your favor, but if there is a middle ground you can find with him, maybe there is a way to make it work. Magoo or Deomorto or anyone: are you aware of any such "mixed marriages" that worked? Good luck! I assure you folks here will want to learn how things turn out.

I will tell you this: I think your observations regarding Scn'ists are mostly correct. Although, of course, there are all kinds of Scn'ists around. But--they are religious people. They tend to be devout. While "mixed marriages" are not forbidden in Scn- and, indeed, I've seen many, they are discouraged.

If things got very serious, I've little doubt that your friend would try to interest you in becoming a Scn'ist. Just as, if you were dating a very religious Christian of evangelical frame of mind, that would happen. Scn is evangelical in nature. If he is nice, he will never judge you for having experienced that but he will not like it if you've ever done any psychiatric meds.

He'll feel you didn't know any better, but if you ever suffer a recurrence and need a prescription for an SSRI or something of the sort, he will move heaven and earth to dissaude you. No, there are not. The only thing the church forbids is psychiatric meds. Now, some ex members will remind you that their efforts to take NON psychiatric meds were stymied by CofS.

There is not excuse for that and it was wrong, but the reason was that those people were undergoing Scn counselling "auditing" and one can't have ANY drugs except maybe antibiotics in his or her system during that time, one has to put one's auditing on hold if one needs medical treatment. A decent staff member will do just that. Put the person's programme on hold and ask for updates every now and again.

Offer assistance, even. I've been asked to do things for people like that and cheerfully did them. But if one is in the midst of VERY EXPENSIVE counselling, some stupid staff members will try to persuade the member that maybe he or she doesn't NEED any medicine.

This usually pertains to a long drawn out scenario that would delay the church counselling for many weeks, months, or even years. So ~you~ can take all the medicine you want because there are no programs to put on hold.

Except, again, I remind you- psychiatric meds I say all this because there are critics who have the idea that Scn'ists don't allow any meds. It's not true, but they would be basing that on the actions of certain stupid church personnel so it's an entirely understandable stance for some to take.

So I'm explaining it to you now. And no excuses, either. I think some church personnel take way too much on themselves and that's a reason I'm not in the church anymore, myself. Not at this point, perhaps. Like I said, I have known Scn'ists who were married to non Scn'ists.

But it IS frowned on, and it CAN be a bone of contention. Some of us do. I did. I was a staff member in CofS and living with a non Scn'ist. I left him eventually but it was because of his drug and alcohol abuse, not because of his non interest in Scn. It means she is a staff member at a CofS center. An "organization" called "org" or Mission.

She will have signed a contract, unless she is volunteer, which is unlikely. People who date people and who become serious about them just about always introduce them to their families. From all walks of life.

I think that at this point he just wants you to meet his family, same as any non Scn'ist would who was dating someone they really liked. But I have every expectation that eventually you will be asked to try a course or something in it.

There's a minute chance that they won't ask you anything of the sort, that they will figure that if you want to try it then you'll know where to come and so they won't even ask. I ~do~ know some church members like that. But the majority are ~not~ like that. Why don't you go ahead and meet his family and see if they say ~anything~ about the possibility of you doing Scn? This will give you a very good idea of things to come. Thank you, Claire, for your thoughtful reply.

Unfortunately, meeting his parents at this point is probably a moot proposition. He came over last night after I telephoned him with some distressing news regarding my mother's health and my subsequent freak out. For the first time, he brought up Scientology directly -- how it might help my mother and I with our problems. We discussed Scientology a bit I told him I knew a little bit about it, but that I had a lot of questions. He said, hey, fire away! He always has had such a juanty way about him; a merry gleam in his eye.

I asked him if he would look at a website I'd stumbled on xenu. He said OK, sure. He spent five minutes alternately looking at it, then looking over at me. The mood totally changed. Suddenly, wordlessly, he got up, gathered his stuff, and made for the door.

On his way out I reached for him, pulled at his sleeve. He stopped in the doorway for half a second. I'll never forget his expression: sorrow and disgust. The twinkle in his eye had vanished. He just stood there looking at me as if he didn't know whether to slap me - or cry.

Abruptly, he shook me off and walked out. I called after him but he didn't look back. I'll never forget his look when I was holding onto his sleeve, begging him to stop -- to talk to me.

I know he felt betrayed. I tried phoning him several times last night but his answering machine picked up every time. I might call him one more time next week, or perhaps send an email, but I suspect I'm pretty much persona non grata.

As you might imagine I'm none too happy this morning. You took a genuine interest in my story and you really didn't have to. Not only are you courageous -- you are also very bighearted, and dare I say it? very loving people. My heartfelt thanks to every one of you. Fondly, LB Laura. It's his frame of reference. It's mine, too, but I don't proselytize.

The fact that he went in and looked at it and THEN his mind started to change about you tells me that he has not done any "OT" levels. Otherwise, he'd have recognized the term "Xenu" which is a term CofS members only find out on those levels.

That your friend did not know that 'til he pulled it up is indicative of his experience in the organization, to an extent. CofS members are told that all critics are "suppressive" and evil, etc. They are ~not~ told that critics are nice, misguided people, or gee, some of the things they say are true, some are not. Nothing charitable or accurate is said about critics.

It's a very irresponsible stance. But it interests me that he did not try to "debug" you or counter anything. Back when I was a real party line type, I would have. And I wouldn't have walked away, either. At worst, I'd have said, "please don't ever mention this to me again. We aren't all like that guy. Some people might say I'm saying that 'cuz I'm no longer in the church but I have always had friends, family and friendly acquaintances whom were critical of Scn and I didn't dump anybody because of it.

And believe me, I used to be very party line about this stuff, even though I'm not, now. I hope you won't be offended when I say this, but god, what a dick. Him, not you. He felt betrayed because YOU looked at a website and ASKED him nicely about it.

How ridiculous. Most people I know in the church would have taken the view that you had been misled or something. It's maybe a bit condescending but it's a lot better than treating you as if you went out and picketed sixteen "orgs" screaming cuss words or some such thing. Let him go. In Scn- the philosophy- there's something called "pan determinism". It basically means seeing things as the other guy does, walking a mile in his shoes, whatnot.

Far too few Scn'ists practice that, but it's something written about in Scn. When you see that guy again or talk to him- if you ever do- good riddance, though, if you don't ask him how "pan determined" his approach is.

I'd ~love~ to be a fly on the wall for that one! Of course not. Fanatics are not good people with whom to deal. While it is a fact that I know quite a few Scn'ists who are not threatened by criticism and by someone reading it- even making it- I also know even more who are fanatical and quite the opposite of "pan determined".

Which is why I myself kept clashing with them. The church instills this fanaticism in its members. It attracts good decent people. I'm proud- presently- to call a number of them my friends and to have called others my friends over the years.

But it takes those good gentle decent people and does its best to engender fanaticism in them. And one cannot be fanatical and pan determined. This is why it's such a problematic organization.

With warm regards, Claire. False generalization. I was in CofS for YEARS and NEVER EVER received ANY such training. I NEVER heard that term til I came here. I'm not saying it doesn't exist- what I AM saying is that some Scn'ists- those who deal with PR and so on and of course OSA thingies- get such training but the average Scn'ist DOES NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SOME Scientologists may be trained to lie, but to say they all are is a flat out fucking lie. I wasn't. John wasn't. My friends who were all tech staff weren't. However, those I knew who took courses or read policies in the handling of critics received an entirely different emphasis. Again, this is hardly all ~CofS~ members.

Warmly, C. You're lying Claire. Some of the TR-routines in the simple Comm-course, is lie-training. If you don't see that hours and hours of those insane training routines is part of lie training, then either you are dense, or simply lying.

What will it be? No, it's not. It's auditor training. The infamous "TR lie" which I learned about HERE is not on those courses, although, regrettably it obviously does exist in CofS. TR's in the simple comm course is lie inducing. You can deny that until hell freezes over, but the fact stands. TR's is evil and Hubbard was a criminal! I really don't want you folks to fight!

I'm sorry if I've catalyzed an argument here. I have no idea if my boyfriend was lying or not, but my gut feeling is that he did not lie to me, ever. I don't doubt that there are all different types of Scientologists, even if they all are trained to handle certain situations identically. I mean, there's still got to be some differences in personality, no matter how much training. The guy I'm dating is like no one else I've ever known -- Scientologist or otherwise.

I think I just shattered his trust in me. I thought my timing was right, but in retrospect, I see it was not. He felt ambushed or cornered or something. I don't think he knew what the heck to say to me, quite honestly. Maybe he'll talk to me later next week once he cools down.

The last thing I'd want to do is to leave you or anyone with the impression that he is a jerk -- he is on the contrary, incredibly tenderhearted.

Sentimental, you might even say. But anyway, please don't fight, ok you guys? I'm sorry if my contribution to anything here has brought that about. Thanks again for everything Fondly, Laura. You're not the reason for the fighting. I fight cult devils all the time, knowing that they can't tell the truth even if their lives depended upon it.

Claire is one of those highly trained liars. Even though she's now out of the organization as such, Hubbard's lie training is still very deeply set in her. Don't expect anyone who confess to being a scientologist, to ever tell you the truth. Scientology is a proven black magic sort of pseudo religion. Just check out the results you get from google. com , if you enter the search terms Hubbard Parsons Crowley. Take care, and do not ever trust a scientologist. They are for sure highly trained liars, and most of them are insane, even though it's not obvious at first sight.

Your argument stands. But it's not factual. It's just your opinion. They're just drills. They can be used in a number of ways. Good, bad,indifferent, whatever. Inherently, they are neither good nor bad. However, I am inherently fluffy.

You told me so. An' that gives me great comfort Sten is just being Sten. He likes to facilitate discussion by the use of inflammatory phrasing. It's his way of stimulating discussion and also of having some fun with it while he's at it. Maybe he's fighting, maybe he's not, but in return, I'm just playin' an' frolickin' in the sunshine. Fluffily, C. I never received any such training. Although staff members specializing in PR have. But I never was one of those. I ran a courseroom when I was a staff member.

And when I heard the church was lying to me, which they have on many occasions, I investigated it and started looking at what was being said.

Which things were true, false, half truths, exaggerations, full and accurate statements, etc. And it was very educational. Hubbard did dabble in magick - and I guess it could be called "black" - personally, I prefer a nice paisley, myself prior to developing Scn.

However, dabbling in magick- black, white, paisley, whatever, does not constitute lack of veracity in the subject. A critic, Stella, who has posted here on occasion, is a Satanist, and there are some Wiccans who've posted here. All these individuals have probably practiced magick at one time or another. And I say, more power to them, if that's what they want to do.

And I have not had a reason to view them as mendacious. When they speak on this forum, I evaluate what they say rather than render some hare-brained prejudice about them that doesn't even logically follow.

And I've never seen Sten say they were liars because they practiced magick. I myself don't practice magick, but if I ever felt like it, believe me, I'd do it in a heartbeat. It wouldn't have any effect on whether I was naturally honest or not. settled with him with a gag order, "You betta off.

org www. net --what the Church of Scientology doesn't want you to see. Laura, don't worry, you didn't bring this about, Sten-Arne always argues especially with Scn'ists. In the end they don't really care whether you truly accept their cult's beliefs. What they are seeking is the minds of your children. You are just a vessel to incubate a dozen fetuses that will be raised in the cult's twisted belief system.

Some of these lies they make in public should be embarrassing when they are exposed. But it dosen't seem to faze them. They just keep on lying and compounding the lies.

I suppose Hubbard set the standard when it came to lying. How do you pick and choose what are the lies and what is the truth in his writings? I know we differ in this area but let me please clear something up.

I also had never heard of TR-L an actual drill to teach one how to lie to people until I got on ARS. It REALLY got out of hand for me on OT 7 for that level DID NOT WORK for many people I knew. Yet we were expected to "promote it" thus lie. And when you are "at the top of the Bridge" people ask you ALL the Time: "How is OT 7?? that it turned out had NOTHING to do with OT I would only say, "It's really great" or something very generic. But it still was a lie, as it wasn't "really great" at all.

However, I think many Scientologists do the same as they go up "The Bridge" but I'll just keep it to OT 7 for now, as that was where it really got out of hand.

It had nothing to do with PR work I did. But even that was not as bad as the endless BS re OT 7. Hope that clarifies things a bit. that's a tough one~! But I can only say this.. Again, Congratulations to you for taking the time to come here, speak with all of us, and read on your own.

Your description is priceless. I know EXACTLY what you are saying, as I just had a very similar thing with my husband of 27 years So all I can say is, as sad as it is better to find out now, than invest 27 years and then have it fall apart because you've decided to leave Scientology.

My best to you, and you are most welcome. It's been a pleasure speaking with you, and reading each person's in put. Remember that twinkle in his eye you mentioned? Well, I doubt you will see it if he returns with his "program". It will be serious, and now it will be very important you come in and talk to them as usually he won't know what to say, or he would have when you showed him. I'd suggest having him read "Captive Hearts, Captive Minds" and discuss it with him.

That way ~~maybe~~ he can wake up to some of the C of S abusive things, and get unsnarled from them. But I wouldn't suggest going in to talk to anyone.

They can get pretty heavy, and frankly, you don't need it! Let them read what you have read first. They won't and that will be that. Go find someone not in a cult and have a great life : Hang here, as long as you like.

This has been fun talking with you! Every course in scientology is part of the lie training. Hubbard told nothing else than lies. And there you spread Hubbard's lies. So, you are double lying Claire, as everyone can see. Stop spinning. We're talking about scientology liars here. You can't have that, can you. Your lie training forces you to divert the issue, and compare. Alas: Liar! Will you stop spinning, scientology Liar? As long as you say that one iota of scientology is useful, you are still a LIAR, and a devils advocate.

Until you do, you are workign for the devil, and you know where that will take you. My arguments are always factual. Your's are based on you lie training. Everybody knows that! I see that your lie training makes it impossible for you to say that Hubbard was a criminal, and nothing else.

I hope you wake up before god the almighty starts punishing you for your crimes against humanity, and the universal laws. You are a member of the scientology group. Those who believe in Hubbard in any way, and those people will be punished by god almighty one day, for sure.

Again, you lied! You just proved that you received such training, by lying about it here openly. Every scientologist, receives lie training, because scientology itself is based upon lies and lies, and nothing but lies. Bullshit, you are a trained scientology liar, so who expect other trained liars would believe you? All scientologists are trained to lie, all the time. We know the truth here on ARS, so you might as well stop spinning.

I've known several Scientologists, all of them acquaintances, not close friends. Every one of them seemed None of them seemed to want to "proselytize" me, and none seemed in the least bit odd. From what little I know about Scientology, I rather expected Scientologists to be discouraging of any negative or "blue" moods their own or mine , disparaging of illness, weakness, faltering self-confidence, etc.

But they weren't -- on the contrary, they seemed very honest about their feelings, worries, shortcomings etc. In my experience, the Christian Scientists I've known an unrelated religious group, I'm aware have been far more uptight: defensive about their maintaining positive attitudes, critical of any perceived weakness in themselves or others , and generally less spontaneous, less fun, less "their own people.

Recently, however, I've gotten to know a Scientologist second generation who is more than just an acquaintance: I'm dating him. Again, he seems absolutely delightful, like all the other Scientologists I've known. I'm wondering, however, how things might progress wrt Scientology, if I should get further involved with this man. Will I be expected to join? Will he judge me if I tell him I spent two years of my life suffering from clinical depression and still have minor bouts of depression even now?

Are there prohibitions on taking medicines, such as, oh, over the counter pain killers for cramps? Will he dump me if I decide not to become a Scientologists?

in fact, he's mentioned Scientology only once or twice, and very casually at that although I do know it's a HUGE part of his life. Do Scientologists seriously date people who aren't likely to join the church? I'm meeting his family in two weeks. This get-together seems geared toward getting his sister and me to become friends. He says he knows I will adore her. I'm not positive but think his sister is "on staff.

So, do you think this meeting with the family, and in particular, the sister, is the beginning of the pitch the first inroad? Can any of you tell me what I might expect from this man wrt Scientology? He's so dear, so sweet, so funny. I really like him, and he seems to like me whether or not I'm a member of his church. Any thoughts? Sincerely, and thanks : LB. Well,,,,welcome to the world of Scientology! If there's one thing they do have it's TONS of "nice" people they really are.

Most of us who stayed in did so for that very reason. However, here's my take on it, having been in for 30 years and now out for one year and 9 months. A Yes you will be expected to join, or break up. But if you're not sure, ask him. keep in mind, Scientologists ~are~trained to lie. They call it "an acceptable truth". It means whatever will be "the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics" is Ok.

That's too long to explain, but basically he can and should say whatever will keep you interested. Right now he's just "Building ARC". Affinity, Reality, Communciation which Hubbard said equaled Understanding. It's like connecting up, and then he will "find your ruin" or what you need fixed. From there you will be shown how "Scientology can possibly handle that" or some such phrase.

The result is getting you "On the Bridge to Total Freedom". If they had what they promised, I wouldn't be typing this now. Re aspirin, or really any drugs, they're against them. Especially the longer you are in. Re Depression, See CCHR "Citizen's Commission on Human Rights".

I know 4 kids who are dead because they no doubt had similar conditions, didn't get the correct treatment, and killed themselves. Meeting the family is always good. Find out who they are and how many are in Scientology. Do Scientologists Date people who are not? I know many who found woman who were not, paid for their "Bridges" and "Made them into Scientologists".

Those are their words, not mine. If this is really his life you had better begin some serious talking, or bale that's my suggestion. net before you bale. Do it on your computer, as his probably has the net nanny a thing to stop any critical thoughts of Scientology such as the above web site. Niceness has a great deal to do with every cult. They are all nice. It's even got a name: "Love bombing". but true. My suggestion lastly is read this book; "Captive Hearts, Captive Minds" and learn about Cults.

Then read more on Xenu. net and really familiarize yourself with both sides of Scientology. Squiggles And so, without illusions and without hope, I shall carry on until the day I disappear into the shadows I came out of one day, an ephemeral and vain creature. Have you actually asked them anything about scientology? Scientologists - just to generalize - are socially just about the same as anyone else, there are good guys and dickheads just like any group.

Here's a little experiment you can run to illustrate what I am talking about. a ask everyone of your scientology acquaintances who their favorite football team is. You will get the same varied answers you would expect to get in any group. b ask them about the Wollersheim case - just an innocuous question saying you read it in a newspaper.

I guarantee that you will get the exact same reaction from every one of them or close enough. Why should this concern you? Their reactions regarding scientology are a programmed response, it is drilled into every scientologist until it is automatic. See my example above - how did he react to you mentioning the Wollersheim case? I am not suggesting that you criticize at all - just ask about it.

If you went to a psychiatrist, psychologist or social worker and if you were prescribed anti-depressants I can pretty much guarantee you that he will, indeed judge you and your relationship will probably cease. I should qualify that - it depends a bit on if he is a scientologist or just the child of scientologists - does he go to course, does he get auditing?

If you didn't get treatment of any kind then it won't matter. Maybe, maybe not - it depends on how much he loves you and how antagonistic to scientology you are. One word of advice - if he finds out you are reading ARS he will drop you like a hot potato. Yes, you are being set up to be disseminated to and it is his sister who will be doing it.

Do not be surprised if you get left with his sister very early on during this visit and don;t be surprised when she starts asking you what you want to achieve in life. She is looking for your ruin.

She will ask around politely and nicely to try and find what you think is holding you back, destroying your life, unfulfilled and so on.

When you tell her and you probably will she will tell you that scientology can help you handle that. Bring your check book or credit card because they are going to want to get you on a course THAT DAY. I kid you not - if you agree to this I can virtually guarantee that the whole family will be exictedly clustered around you tell you what a great idea you have had and how good you will find it all.

I wouldn't be surprised if they all get in the car to come with you onto course. Well LB - go into it with your eyes wide open. Realize something very very important. Your beau may be a nice guy, he may be funny and sensitive and hung like a stallion - but the minute you get into something to relating to scientology you will not be dealing with his personality but with the approved line from the cofs. Good luck - I hope I am wrong.

I would appreciate if you would critique my prognosis after your visit. Don't waste your time with questions and answers to your prospective beau. And I mean everything, inlcluding What is Scientology, The XENU Leaflet, The Hubbard is Bare, Ron the Nut, The Secret Library, Narconon, Occupied Clearwater, The Lisa Mcpherson Trust, and most importantly, the Personal Accounts.

A Scientology dating site? Really?,alt.religion.scientology

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While "mixed marriages" are not forbidden in Scn- and, indeed, I've seen many, they are discouraged. Fondly, Laura. On 18 May GMT. Many of them won't even have heard of Wollersheim. And while contestant James Holzhauer's record-setting streak has been making headlines of late, the biggest news from the scientology has been Trebek's fight against pancreatic cancer. Then, as you get to know them, you will find they talk increasingly about their religious activities, maybe even hoping to include you in them.

At very least, it scientology online dating like marrying a heroin addict: their habit is going to bear on you, probably by ripping you off to pay for it. Show original message. I'd ~love~ to be a fly on the wall for that one! Best, scientology online dating, Ebner Citizen Subject: Re: Dating A Scientologist: what to expect??? At which point, he will do a great disservice to himself in the name of forwarding an organization to which he has ignorantly and naively trusted.